Thacher Hurd


Zoom City

For active toddlers exploring their world, this energetic book bursts with the noisy sounds children love to imitate.

Honk! Honk! Beep! Beep! Zoom City zooms with cars — and dogs! — on the go. Active toddlers, busy exploring their world, will love this energetic book that’s filled with the noisy sounds they love to imitate.

Reviews in Brief

“Fast-paced, zip-zapping board book that begs to be read with as much gusto as possible, preferably three or four times in a row. ’Away we go!/Old cars, new cars,/ZOOM! ZOOM! ZOOM!/Big cars,/little cars,/BE-BOP,/KA-ZOOM!“ The bright and busy illustrations are packed with energy. The edges blur a bit (since the cars are racing around so fast) and the pages are dotted with electric squiggles and jagged lines outlining the various cars. A whiz-bang choice for toddler collections.”School Library Journal

“…a Go Dogs, Go! for the ’90s. Hurd (Art Dog, 1996, etc.) piles dogs into cars, and allows them to drive through the neon-washed streets of the city…This stylish, jazzy cruise is depicted in illustrations that are part cartoon, part paste-up, where vintage cars and more futuristic models have streaks of colored light and gleaming chrome to tantalize young eyes. The melange of colors and collage practically guarantees a joy ride.” — Kirkus Reviews

“Hands-down favorite baby book”

lvlahakis (New York, NY USA)

“This was given to us as part of a basket of books for my newborn son, who was an avid story-listener from two months on, and it was his favorite for well over a year. The bright graphics and sound effects engage even the youngest babies. My husband and I can recite it by heart, which comes in handy since both kids like to hear the words even when the book’s not around. I always include a copy of Zoom City with every “new baby” gift I send. I can’t say enough about this book.”