Thacher Hurd


Watercolor for the Artistically Undiscovered

Most of the pages in this book are actual watercolor paper with blank space reserved for the use of the reader/painter (that's you). Comes with a palette of six artist-quality watercolors and a brush. Most importantly, this book also comes with the artwork, technique tips and encouragement of renowned illustrator Thacher Hurd.

For ages 8 and up

Written By: Thacher Hurd & John Cassidy

Some reviews from

“If you are a beginner (like I am) get this book!”

Diane Moore

“I am extremely intimidated by painting, so I took baby steps and bought this book. It comes with some beautiful watercolors that are rich and color--and a brush as well.”

“Interesting and fun even for a crusty old artist”

P. R. Ecker "Rubyview" (New York, NY USA) 

Watercolor for the Artistically Undiscovered has been a fun workbook for our whole family. My daughter received one for a gift and it was so entertaining we had to order two more so everyone could sit and do it together. The book's layout is in page by page exercises that might inspire further fun and thinking, as well as build on each other to create a more versatile way of looking at painting. In my opinion, the most fun part is being able to paint in a book and even cut out parts and glue them elsewhere.”

“Great for Nurturing Your Artistic Genius”
D. Peterson (Utah)

“Excellent for Kids, Adults, and even Elementary art teachers”

February 19, 2010

By amazonbuyer

“We have already purchased 6 of these. The examples and instructions are clear, fun, and achievable. Most importantly it will inspire young and old to continue in this lovely medium. They may not become the next Daumier or Durer, but they will most certainly be encouraged to progress and attempt more adventurous watercolors while enjoying the the process.”