Thacher Hurd


Moo Cow Kaboom

One night, while the pigs and chickens are sound asleep — KABOOM! — Farmer George’s Moo Cow disappears! A low-down Space Cowboy has whisked her off to a galaxy far, far away. What’s this sweet cow to do now, forced to become the Wild Beast Earthling Moo Cow at the Inter-Galactic Rodeo? Saddle up and get ready to ride Thacher Hurd’s zany trip to Planet 246 and back!

Reviews in Brief

“PreSchool-Grade 2 — A fast-paced, rollicking romp to space and back. The simple text is packed with sound effects that make it a hoot to read aloud. Readers can't help cheering for wide-eyed Moo Cow as she gamely travels the galaxy and ultimately parachutes back to her farm, relieved to be ‘an earthling Moo Cow, home again.’ An out-of-this-world adventure that's not to be missed.”School Library Journal

“PreS-Gr. 2. A cow is kidnapped one night from her field by a space-alien cowboy who wants to ride her in an intergalactic rodeo on his distant home planet. Hurd offers one funny picture after another, tucking collage pictures of 1950s toy robots into his colored-pencil-and-watercolor illustrations. Youngsters may recognize the exuberance of their own drawings of aliens in the renderings of this funny endeavor, with lots of subtle jokes squeezed into the simple story.”Booklist