Thacher Hurd


Cat’s Pajamas

Sadly, Cat’s Pajamas is out of print. It is available used on Amazon, usually at a starting price of about $20.

Reviews in Brief

Cat's Pajamas by Thacher Hurd (for ages 1-up) boasts a rhythmic, hand-clapping text (Cool cats, hip cats, kitty cats/ MEOW!/ Bopping down dark streets/ Looking for CHOW!) and inventive illustrations (brightly colored cats against a photo collage of dusky cityscapes) leading up to the moment when the felines crawl under the covers.” Publishers Weekly

Some snippets from Amazon reviews: (nine reviews, all five stars!)

“This is hands-down one of our all time favorite books.”

“…we cant tell enough friends about it!!! Highly reccomend!!!”

“I wish we'd found it sooner.”

“awesome book”  “Great board book!” “Our favorite!”